Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Where do lost toys go?

Does anyone know? The Wee One has had what my MIL refers to as her "posse" for almost 2 yrs now. It started w/ Little People. Sonya Lee was her favorite for a long time & it was common place to see her running around with 3 or 4 LP in her hands at all times.

Then it was Dora & Boots. The first lost toy was Dora's dog, Perrito. We lost Perrito on a walk around the duck pond. I've scoured the area & he's never been recovered.

Now that we're into the Disney Princess era we have these little DP dolls. Think Polly Pocket in terms of size. Actually, we have a few Polly's too! So in the hey day of the Little Mermaid doll in the fall we went out to play with Ariel & Flounder (her little fish). Well, somewhere near the tennis court (aka Puppy Bowl) we lost Flounder. Again, Mommy bent over looking for Flounder, Wee One crying how he's lost. Never to be recovered.

We've also lost Snow White (I did find her in the house about a month after she was lost) & now Jasmine (less than a week after she was purchased!) & a Polly Pocket doll ahve been lost outside. Believe me, I've looked. How can a bleached blonde doll w/ a fuschia dress go unnoticed in pine needles? I dont get it.

I'm convinced that there's an Island of Lost Toys---much like the Island of Misfit Toys only it's toys that kids have lost. It's probably next door to the Island of Lost Airline Luggage too.

I'm out of my 10 month funk---ty everyone for being so sweet. I talked to a friend yesterday whose husband spent almost a yr in Afghanistan while she was preg. w/ their daughter. When she tells me she doesn't know how Ive done so many deployments I tell her I dont know how she did a deployment while pregnant. That's got to be the hardest. We laughed at my hitting the wall & how you dont realize it until you're full on in the funk. I am out of hte funk & STILL waiting for Leslie to return my knitting mojo!

Is it rediculous of me to not want to make a baby blanket on size 6 needles? I keep looking at this blanket I'm working on & thinking "but size 11 needles would make it go by SO much faster!"


NH Knitting Mama said...

Hi, Laurie!

I'm so happy to read that things are getting better for you and the funk is getting the funk outta here...ha ha...

I think your knitting mojo is on that island of lost toys.

lauriec said...

You know, I opened the door & said "Funk, get the funk outta here!"

I heard a scurrying noise & next thing I knew there was a screeching of tires & BAM, I was back to me!!

Laura said...

Hi Laurie,

I'm so sorry to hear about the dads and donuts thing. My daughter's school does the dads & donuts too. They also do a grandparents' day for the younger kids, which has been hard for my daughter because she has no living grandparents except for my mom, and she's not in the best of health, so has never been able to attend. A mom of a girl in my daughter's Junior Girl Scouts troop has a husband who's also in the military, and has been stationed in Iraq twice. I can't imagine how hard having a husband overseas must be for her and you and other military wives. Hope things get better for you, and that your husband makes it home safe.

Laura from Crochetoholic's Swap Blog

jopal said...

Glad you are feeling better!
I have the same princesses for my granddaughters. We have to keep them in special boxes and the older girls can play with them at the table because the 2 younger girls EAT them(the shoes and little pieces) Hopefully they will outgrow that soon.
Your January package will be on the way tomorrow - sorry for the delay. I think it is finally ready to go.

Lady Wyvern said...

Glad you are feeling better. I still am in awe of you being able to do the Mom/Dad/Wife run the household deployment thing. I maintain you are my hero.

The lost toys??? Maybe they go to the lost socks. Though Sara just found a toy from when she was 5 while sorting the basement for a battalion garage sale (trying to earn money for Raider Challenges). We haven't seen it since she was 6 and we moved in here.

jopal said...

I make my baby blankets with 2 strands of velvet touch from Wendy/Peter Pan and use an 11 or 13. Can't handle smaller needles for larger projects! I just use a basic basketwweave pattern. Quick and so soft!

Shawnee said...

I'm so glad you're doing better. I'm praying for your strength. My husband was gone during our 3rd child's entire pregnancy, I was responsible enough to deliver on the three days he had home while driving between a change of station, and then we didn't actually live together until she was 11 months old - when the three kids and I moved overseas! Looking back, I'm amazed we made it. But you know, I hate it when people used to say "I don't know how you do it." YOU JUST DO because that is our reality. Doesn't mean it's easy, or that there aren't tears.

Sending you major www-hugs.