Tuesday, June 26, 2007

So here's the month of June in a nutshell

Granted, it's a big nut! Grab a drink & follow me.

So in late May I went back to see my doctor as she had changed my bp meds in April & wanted to see me in 6 weeks to see how it was working. It was doing fine. My bloodwork however wasn't so good. I was diagnosed with diabetes (technically I was pre-diabetic but that's neither here nor there at this point)

I had had Gestational Diabetes when I was pregnant w/ the wee one & knew about testing my blood sugar during the day, what I could & shouldn't eat & the importance of exercise. Still tho, it threw me for a loop. I'm on oral meds & diet modification. So far my #'s are great & I'm very disciplined in what I let myself eat. What got me is that I will live with this until I die. High blood pressure I could deal with because I have a family history of it but diabetes? I do have a family history of it too but still.

When I was talking to my MIL about it a couple weeks ago she asked if I felt deprived & honestly I don't. I'm not a big sweets person to begin with. Don't get me wrong---I love freshly baked cookies (esp when I make them!), ice cream etc as much as the next person but I don't really crave them. I do miss pasta but as time goes by & I've got this under control & have learned what I can eat & when then maybe I'll treat myself.

I drove up to Virginia on the 6th & spent a few days with them. We celebrated MIL's birthday, got to see Hunter's aunt on his Dad's side & got to have a short visit w/ his brother & SIL. They're expecting baby #1 in January so MIL & I are trying to figure out who's knitting what for them. I think I'm going to do my standards "layette"---hat, kimono, pants, washcloths & bibs. Maybe. LOL The wee one had a couple lunch dates w/ Pappa & learned that eating an ice cream cone is a wonderful thing!

We visited 3 yarn stores in the Lynchburg area. Suzanne's Knitting Shoppe (no yarn purchases sadly. I love her store), Backstitches (2 bag patterns, yarn for one of the patterns ---for me! & yarn for my ITE IV bag) & then Yarn Theory in Bedford (cotton fleece for a garment of some sort for the wiggly one OR possibly for BIL & SIL's wee one should it be a boy!)

On Monday the 11th I drove home. 13 hrs with a 3 yr old (God bless the man who developed the portable dvd player!) & a dog.

I have to admit I get a little giddy when I see this sign at the PA state line.

I also get very emotional when I see THIS sign.

We spent a week & a half at home & had a wonderful time. The wee one enjoyed some time with Memere & Pepere---I did too! We did some yarn shopping (North East Fiber Arts Center in Williston--Lopi Lite for my Spring Bag Exchange bag & Kaleidascope yarns in Essex to boost my Koigu stash), went to lunch w/ Memere, played in the back yard, went swimming in Lake Champlain (didn't see Champ) & went to ECCO, the Lake Champlain Aquarium.

Here's the wee one examining the waves. We spent about 4 hours at the beach with the friends in the pic in my last entry. Brenda brought her 2 oldest & Ellen brought her 2. The wee one had a great time with them & Ellen's oldest (11) was wonderful with her. Ellen, Brenda & I sat on the beach & watched the kids & got some sun. It was a great day!
I drove back to VA last Friday & then made the trek back to GA yesterday. I was exhausted when we pulled in yet couldn't fall asleep last night.
Today we brought the car to have the oil changed & then went grocery shopping. Right now the wee one's asleep & I'm thinking that it might be a wise idea for me to have a rest too.
So there it is---between being diagnosed & getting ready for my vacation & then going on vacation is what I've been up to!


Lacey said...

Glad to see you back! I checked and checked the blog and somehow missed all the vacation posts! I must have been too sleepy to check back again yesterday. :D Glad everything is ok-er than it could be. My grandmothers on both sides are/were diabetic. My maternal grandfather was borderline too, so I know your worries about that. It scares me to think that is in my future. There is almost zero doubt that I'll get it when I'm older. Eep! Good luck though and I hope you continue to do fine with the oral meds. :D

Kristyn said...

I was also diagnosed as a diabetic about a month ago. It sucks but it has helped me get my butt in gear and do what I know I need to do. Good luck and email me any time you want to talk.

vegasangelbrat said...

Glad to see ya back and also so glad you had a great trip!! Sounds like you needed it and it did you some good sweetie!

Jessi said...

I'm on a diet where I can't eat pasta and I have found the most amazing substitute. Shiritaki noodles! They're made with a Japanese yam flour and tofu. They do also sell ones with no tofu but I've heard that they aren't as good. They're best in Asian inspired dishes but I've eaten them with Italian pasta sauce too. I really like them. Hope it helps!

lauriec said...

thanks for the info jessi! I will look for it!!