Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Montreal trip

When my girlfriends & I started going to Montreal in the late '80's we would always stop at this sign on I 89. I honestly can't tell you how many pictures of it I have!

This was also a photo op on every trip. It is affectionately known as "the bonjour sign" because it used to be a big bonjour sign. It has since been replaced by the big bienvenue sign & the most beautiful irises!

Didn't I tell you?! They are one of my favorite flowers!

Then as we were walking down Ste Catherine St towards LUSH (on a humanitarian mission for my MIL) this guy leaned forward from his perch & blew me a kiss. Um, I'm a mother buddy!! When we were walking down the opposite side of the street I took a picture!

My Montreal purchases were a skein of yarn for my Spring Felted Bag Exchange bag & 2 skeins of yarn to include in with the goodies for my ITE IV partner. I also got a great pair of beaded sandals at Bellini ($29.99 down from 98!) & the LUSH for MIL. My girlfriend Heather couldn't believe how little I spent!


Lacey said...

I'm so totally glad that I'm not the only one who loves to take pictures by road signs. :D I love to hop out and take a pic at the welcome to Fla. sign when we go to the beach. No real idea why, just do. :D I also loved going on trips with 4H and the Lion's Club because I could take state line pics too, except from a speeding bus! You know you wanted that sexy man who blew you a kiss. :P At least you know, without a doubt that you still have it girl!

Knitting Mama said...

I'm a Montrealer who is dying to know where that North Pole sign is located! :) Email me at graphicdesignchick at hotmail dot com to please please please let me know!

prairiegirl said...

Ah... Montreal! There's nothing like it in the summer time! It's one of my favourite destinations... sadly I don't get there very often. Sigh....

And if you like road signs like that, someday make the trek to Manitoba. There's not so many signs such as that, but pretty much every second town will have some sort of freakishly large statue of something. ie: Selkirk has a catfish, Boisevain has a turtle, Gladstone has "Happy Rock", etc. etc. Maybe it's a prairie thing. I'm not sure! Ha ha!