Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Black Friday one & all!

Hope everyone is either out braving the crowds or safely tucked away at home smugly giggling about the crowds at the stores.

I HATE Black Friday with the fire of 1,000 suns. Maybe it's from working too many of them, maybe it's the fact that the media proclaims it the busiest shopping day of the year (guess what, it's not! The Saturday before Christmas is. Really. Would I lie to you?!), maybe it's the fact that even I, as someone truly blessed with the shopping gene, won't venture out on this day. I feel the same about shopping on Black Friday as I do about drinking on New Year's Eve. Amateur Day I like to call it. But anway. . .If you ventured out, I hope you got great deals on whatever it was you were looking for!

I made my 1st ever pair of mittens this week for the wee one. They were insanely easy & Im chuckling to myself that I was ever intimidated by doing the thumb! Laugh, it's okay! I was the same way when I did my 1st pr of socks. The idea of turning the heel was very intimidating. When I finally did it I was amazed by how easy &fun it was. Same w/ the thumbs.

The downside of these mittens is that by the time I was done the ribbing on the 1st one I hated the yarn & needles I was using! Same TLC Amore as the Wee One's hat & my lone set of LionBrand DPN's. I never thought I would admit this but I am a needle snob. I LOVE my Addi's & I love my Crystal Palace & Britney DPN's. The yarn just glides over the CP's so much easier. The yarn, being a boucle type, made seeing stitches difficult & as a result, counting rows was tricky. The pattern is easy peasy as they say & I will make another pair (along with a hat to match) in another yarn. The pattern is Child's Stripe Mittens. If you look on my ravelry page you'll find the link.

This is the Party Lace Scarf from Magknits & is being made w/ Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in color #27 (I call it periwinkle). This is for the Wee One's teacher. I originally was going to use this yarn for the Laurie Scarf for myself but then didn't "feel" the pattern as I was knitting it so I switched & decided to make it for someone else.

I'm debating bringing the Wee One to the Bee movie today. I'm wondering if everyone's going to have the same idea & bring their kids too? She's never been to the movies before so I thought an early matinee might be a good idea. We'll see how the morning goes. We may just go to the park instead!


NH Knitting Mama said...

We saw the Bee movie for my son's first movie, and he did really well. The theater was full of other excited kids, but that was okay!

Have a great weekend.

LeslieJ said...

love the mittens!
my boys could not sit through an entire movie until they were 5! but that could be the way boys are :) we always waited until the dvd's were out.
happy day!

Angela said...

Cute mittens! :-) We've been taking Liberty to the movies since she was a baby. With a tub of popcorn, she can last for a longgggg time. HA!