Friday, June 09, 2006

Back from VA. . .

We spent D Day at the National D Day Museum in Bedford, VA. It was BEYOND humbling & I was honored to be in the company of these men, these HEROES. I said "thank you" to the ones we came in contact with & was in awe of them. I was also moved to tears when one of the wives of these men actually thanked Hunter for his service (he was wearing his 3ID 3bde OIF shirt).

We had a nice time in VA---we went to a family reunion for his Dad's side of the family at the country home where his grandfather & siblings grew up. Bets had a blast running thru the fields & on the tractor ride. We saw a huge field of rye which made me want to get a catcher's mitt & take a pic. Hunter got the joke but didn't appreciate the humor. LOL.

Saturday night his Mom had her entire family over (except for one of her sisters & her hubby who were on vacation). It was a madhouse! A good time was had by all & it was nice to spend time w/ his cousins from MA. My brother Michael had helped his cousin Leah get a job as an RA before he left UMASS so it was expecially nice to spend time w/ her.

As always I got a great deal at one of the local yarn stores on some felting yarn (Brown Sheep Nature Spun for 1.40$!).

Monday his Mom & I ran errands & went shopping, Tuesday we spent at the D Day Memorial & driving to Smith Mountain Lake where Hunter used to live (& went to the street where part of What About Bob? was filmed), Weds I went to lunch w/ his Mom, Grandmother & Aunt who is visiting from MA. Hunter got lots of Betsy/Daddy time which is always good for the 3 of us! Yesterday we drove home & today we're doing unpacking, laundry, groceries & hopefully the pool in just a little bit.

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